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g its people, and telling its stories. Speaking of Daming Lake, besides its wonde▓rful lake scenery and Spring Festival Temple Fair,▓ its frog population is an odd lot - t▓hey never croak. The story goes that once Qing emperor ▓Qianlong visited Daming Lake and was impressed by its b▓eauty, marred only by the noisy frogs who distur▓bed his sleep. The

emperor ordered them to keep shut. They did - and have been doing so for generations thereafter. No one as yet come up with a scientific explanation for this unique phenomenon, and so the legend endures. Jinan is also a good place for foreigners to practice their Chinese. The l▓ocal dialect shares the same pronunciation as Putonghua ▓for almost every Chinese character, but uses different ▓tones. Hence, those still struggling with th▓e four tones of Putonghua can easily comm▓unicat

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e with the locals, as their less-than-perfect tones▓ are very likely to match the correct t▓ones of the Jinan dialect. Shandong's cuisin▓e is acclaimed as one of the four best cuisin▓es in the country. Famous dishes

include tangculiyu (fried carp with sweet and sour sauce), jiuzhuandachang (twisted large intesti▓ne of the pig) and baochaoyaohua (fried pig kidney). But I prefer the street snacks. I bet Jinan's baked▓ swee

t potato is the best in China, even the whole world! My classmates in primary school will surely recall when the teacher asked us to write about a local spe▓cialty, all 54 of us wrote about the baked sweet p

otato! This is not to say Jinan does not have other special dishes worth writing about, but its baked sweet potato just tops it all. It's either be▓cause we have very good quality sweet potatoes, or the ba

and Daming Lake as Jinan's top sight. W

king stoves are really magical. Who k▓nows!Digital technology pumps new life into rural▓ a

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reasDigital technology pumps new ▓life into rural areasDigital technology pumps new life into▓ rural areas04-23-2018 09:30 BJTTwo years ago,▓ Liu Jinqing, a farmer i

pring all ▓year round

n east China's Fujian Province, was shocked that the 35▓0 kilograms of dried sweet potatoes he had pr▓oduced sold out online within a just few days.Liu decide▓d to

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